1. The Profit Through Referral Explosion Program
Someone who has heard of you is 4 times more likely to do business with you. Someone who is referred to you is 8 times more likely to do business with you, especially if their present relationship is causing some kind of pain! Harness the power of a proven, tested referral program that returns an 8 to 1 ROI, gives back to your community AND motivates your team to grow the program!
2. From Suspect to Raving Fan at Lightning Speed - A Done for You Welcome Kit
People just provided you their hard-earned money in exchange for protecting all they have to lose. What do you do to reassure them that they made the RIGHT decision and prevent buyer's remorse? Are there steps in your process that quickly accelerate them up the loyalty ladder to Raving Fan status, all in 21 days? Simple, easy to implement steps that accomplish each of these tasks PLUS they will cause your new customers to start referring you more business immediately!
3. The Gifted Team - A Hiring System That Helps You Hire The Right Candidate the First Time, Every Time
Team work divides the effort and multiples the effect". There is no better feeling than when your gifted team is firing on all cylinders. There is no worse feeling than a non-team player in your organization. The truth be known, this was one of the first systems I created because it is the MOST IMPORTANT foundational tool of them all. I have experienced plenty of pain with hiring the wrong person. Your team is critical to all of your success. Without them, you have no time to work ON your business. Our hiring system weeds out the candidates you don't want. The best part, you'll never talk to them!
4. The Complete Social Media Program A-Z for Insurance Agents
Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Plaxo, and the list goes on. Where does one start to create an effective Social Media marketing arsenal that will point the marketplace directly at you in 60 days or less guaranteed at virtually no cost? Normally the only investment is the cost of the person pushing the implementation buttons of the system. Finally, a Complete Social Media Program including steps A-Z exclusively for Insurance Agents.
5. Develop Your Own Friction-Free Business So Every Team Member Can Achieve and Enjoy Their Lives
Phone calls, emails, faxes, text messages, instant messages, underwriters, marketing reps, client(s) in the office, escrows, deadlines, cert needed - sound familiar? You are not alone. Some of the frustration and anxiety that surface in any or all of the above tasks is of our own making. Be honest. Remember, all progress starts by telling the truth. It's ok. Take action and do something about it, once and for all. Help is instantly available that anyone can implement right away. And by implementing the needed activities, each team member will position your agency for massive profits in the years to come, year after year. The solution was so easy, to this day makes me ill when I think about how easy it was to implement.
6. Your Acre of Diamonds - How To Mine It for Your Next Million
Year after year, the majority of our new applications are a result of an EXISTING relationship in our current book of business or our own "acre of diamonds". It has been said time after time that-the easiest money you can make is the money you are already making. Has anyone ever shown you exactly how much money is at stake? It's a lot more than one might imagine. Find out the REAL TRUTH about agency wealth, step by step, so YOU can implement in your agency today. You might not have to buy a list anytime soon; your next million might already be in your possession!
7. Real World, Proven Secrets to Explode Your Profits Using Killer Testimonials
Sorry to be the bearer of adverse news, but most people don't care when you share what you have done for others. Many times, they simply feel you are trying to sell them something or sell them more of a product. But when an outside third party shares the message that your business is everything that anyone could ask for and more, the paradigm shift is HUGE, in YOUR FAVOR. Learn all of the insider secrets to earning and actually obtaining killer testimonials to support your marketing and explode your profits more than 31%. The best part? Your team does all of the work!
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